Privacy policy

We will not provide information that can identify individuals to third parties. Also, we do not sell user's usage data. Applications are managed with advertisement revenue and paying fee. Pay close attention to the management of personal information and treat it as listed below.

Position information data
The position information that the user used in the current location display is never sent to the server etc.

We will ask your opinions anonymously from within the application, but we will not use information other than support.

Data analysis
In order to improve the convenience of the application, we carefully pay attention to the extent that individuals can not be identified anonymously and access analysis. For example, when an application crashes, we send anonymously what part it crashed and help us to fix bugs quickly.

Search function
Information such as text searched in the application is temporarily used without saving it in the application.

About ad delivery
In the application, we use a third-party advertisement service "AdMob". For the privacy policy of "AdMob" please refer to the following address.

About change of privacy policy
In addition to complying with Japanese laws applied to personal information, this application will review the content of this policy as necessary and make efforts to improve it. The latest revised privacy policy will always be disclosed on this page.

We have put as much power as possible on improving the safety of the application, support for inconveniences, etc. However, the developer shall not be responsible for the damage caused by using this application by the user.

Hideshi Otsuru